My second letter to Kevin Garnett was one of the most heartfelt and meaningful pieces I’ve written.  It’s #5 on the list of my Top 10 favorite Timberwolves articles.

[image] kevin garnett upset
Should he stay? Should he go? Every true Wolves fan knows the right answer. [image2]

It’s me again, “One Shot”, DeROK.  Another season has come and passed, and it’s time for another letter.  I wrote my first one after your All-Star break interview last year.  After watching you break down like that, and breaking down a bit myself, I needed to tell you how much respect I had for you.  How much it meant to see an athlete who had every right to make it “all about himself”, turn around and make it “all about the team”.  Your humility, your passion, your burning desire to win: they make you one of a kind.  And as you sat there, bearing the weight of this franchise on your back, I wanted to speak on behalf of all your fans and let you know we would never, ne-ever call Kevin Garnett a loser. 

Yeah Kevin, Momma may have said “there will be days like this”, but things are starting to get a little ridiculous.  Our bad days have gone from bad months, to a bad season, and now to bad years.  And I don’t think there’s a single person affiliated with this organization who isn’t sick over the way things have played out.  And I’m sure none more so than you.  After seven straight years in the lottery, followed by seven straight first round exits, we deserved a whole lot more than falling one Sam Cassell hip short of a title.  After fighting our way out of the darkness, we earned our time in the sun.  But all we got was a brief glimpse of the daylight before we were plunged back into the abyss.  It’s not right, and it’s certainly not fair.  But the worst part of it all is that, from where we stand, there doesn’t seem to be a way for us to crawl out…

…Except to leave. 

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