After the Timberwolves were defeated in the 2004 Western Conference Finals, there were a lot of heavy hearts in the Twin Cities. But despite enormous disappointment, I couldn’t deny the most important part of our unforgettable season. This article is #6 of my Top 10 favorite Timberwolves articles.

[image] timberwolves huddle
While they didn’t win a title, the ‘03-’04 Wolves were the league’s best. [image2]

I never thought that I would be writing this article.  The 2003-2004 section of the “The Den” was supposed to finish with an article about the Timberwolves’ first championship.  I guess things like an injury to Sam Cassell’s hip, bad officiating, and an unfair date for Game One have a tendency to change things.  However, in spite of the myriad of excuses the Wolves have to offer for their loss to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, none are needed.  Over the course of those six games, the Minnesota Timberwolves became the consummate example of what a basketball team should be.  Facing a nearly impossible task, the Wolves refused to stop believing in themselves and each other.  Mired in a suffocating series of unfortunate circumstances, the Wolves would not fold.  A team that was merely a shell of its full potential, took a team that was bred for the title to the fourth quarter of Game Six. Still, as fatigue set in and the makeshift screws holding the Timberwolves’ season came loose, it took a habitual bench warmer having the night of his life to finally take the T-Wolves down.  And though four future hall-of-famers stood on the court donning their Western Conference Championship gear, it was the team with the 7′1″ point guard, the archaic center, the forward with the broken back, two Bulls cast-offs,  and the Yakima Sun King whom the world stood up and cheered for. 

The theme for the Timberwolves’ 2004 Playoffs was “Can You Feel It?”.  After watching this team for the past three rounds, the answer is a resounding, “Yes”.  I may not be “feel’n” a championship like I did when this all began, but I do feel a lot of love for this Timberwolves team.  Sure, I’m a little disappointed right now.  But in all honesty, I’m feeling more joy for the fact that I got to watch this team for 100 games this year. What an amazing group of guys!  From MVP, Kevin Garnett, to our “scapegoat”, Michael Olowokandi, I have so much respect for every man who put on a jersey this season. And that is worth so much more than a trophy.

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