The Minnesota Timberwolves have not had an easy go of things in 2014. They finished the calendar year with a 5-25 record in their first 30 games, enough to put them in the bottom of the league.

Nonetheless, perhaps 2015 will be an improvement upon this season. It will also be an opportunity for the team to see their young players in action, most notably Andrew Wiggins and Shabazz Muhammad. Wiggins is the star piece from the Kevin Love trade this offseason and has shined at times, but has also appeared like a rookie in many games. A sign of growth over the second half of the season would be a great bonus for the T-Wolves and their fans.

Though this year does not look likely for a playoff appearance for the team, there’s still plenty of reason to see Wiggins and company at the arena. Below is a breakdown of the top three in-demand tickets for games remaining this year at Minnesota, according to Barry’s Tickets.

April 13th vs. New Orleans Pelicans | Average Ticket Price = $301 | Get-In Ticket Price = $7

The home finale is currently the most expensive game on the Timberwolves schedule, according to Barry’s. Led by Anthony Davis, the Pelicans have been impressive on the hardwood this year, maintaining a .500 average in the difficult Western Conference. With Oklahoma City creeping back into playoff contention, the Pelicans may ultimately be left in the dust for the postseason this year, but chances are good if they are in the race, this game will mean quite a lot for the visitors.

March 2nd vs. Los Angeles Clippers | Average Ticket Price = $294 | Get-In Ticket Price = $11

The second most in-demand game is for Twolves vs. LA Clippers tickets at With an average price of $294, the March 2nd meeting between the two squads is seven dollars less expensive on average than the home finale. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on the court, the Clippers are one of the bigger road draws in the NBA so it certainly makes sense that this game makes an appearance.

March 25th vs. Los Angeles Lakers | Average Ticket Price = $293 | Get-In Ticket Price = $18

Coming in at just a dollar less (on average) is tickets for the Los Angeles Lakers game. The March 25th meeting does have the highest get-in rate currently at $18, compared to just $7 and $11 for the previous two games.