Everyone who comes to an online casino for the first time is concerned about payments. It is a serious issue that needs a lot of attention from the beginning because you are choosing the service that will transfer your money. First, it should be safe. Second, it should be fast. 

Besides, the first selected payment method is the one you are going to use every time you deposit and withdraw. It depends, though, on casino terms and conditions. Still, the role of banking options is crucial when it comes to safe transactions.

Credit and Debit Cards

The cards issued by banks are still the most trusted. People use their cards everywhere including in online casinos. All casino operators offer players to deposit or withdraw with banking card services such as Visa and MasterCard. In Canada, though, credit cards are becoming extinct to pay for online casinos. And there is another thing to know about debit cards. Sometimes banks are against online gambling, so they can just block the transaction. Besides, in case you are using a VPN to enter a banned gambling site, your debit card can get declined.


Electronic wallets are way better than banking cards for most players now. The thing is that they are fast. Literally, if you use an e-wallet for withdrawal, you will see the money on your account in a few seconds. Besides, it’s very convenient to set up an account. An e-wallet can be connected with a debit card. You can transfer your money from and to the card. It takes some charge though, but it’s not that critical. Here are the reliable e-wallets that players like to use:


The PayPal system is incredibly safe. Before it partners up with an online casino, PayPal needs to ensure the operator is trusted in all senses. You can hardly find an e-wallet that cares so much about the security of partners and customers. However, not all Canadian casinos accept PayPal. There are only a few online casinos where you can deposit and withdraw with PayPal. Click the link to see the full list of these Canadian casinos.


Neteller is a large e-wallet for online transactions. Many players select it for withdrawals and deposits because it’s safe and fast. Much like other e-wallets, it takes some charge for the service. You will see many casino sites offering you to pay via Neteller. 


EcoPayz is a very common e-wallet in Canada. It is famous for the 45 currencies that it can serve. It includes Canadian dollars, of course. EcoPayz is also reliable in terms of safe transactions and convenience.


The number of banking options varies in Canada. Many players prefer debit cards as the most trusted payment method, but the withdrawal time is a bit long with them. You can’t say the same about e-wallets. They are revolutionary, if we can say so. The fast speed of transactions is the primary criterion for most players. That is why they are becoming a new popular payment method for online casinos.