One of the biggest pitfalls in the game of poker is “tilt”, which is poker slang for a certain feeling, or dilemma, that most of us have experienced at some point in daily life. It’s that feeling of losing control or concentration, getting confused, frustrated, or upset in some way. 

Something that makes you lose your cool and causes that moment where the winning streak potentially ends, and the dire possibility of a losing streak suddenly looms. It can have a variety of different emotional effects on different people, and those who are unprepared for it are most commonly the ones who fall victim. 

Know Yourself – Early Detection Is Vital

The problem with tilt is threefold. Firstly, it can be very tricky to predict, or even to recognise in oneself at times. Secondly, once set in, it can be hard to shake off, and thirdly, it can be used against you by other players. 

Therefore, the very first, and most important step, is to have some sort of awareness of what might cause you to become tilted, and thereafter, to make sure nothing enables it further. It could be an outward irritation of your environment or a vexing opponent or situation in the game. By becoming aware in this regard, one is better able to recognise, and dodge to avoid, the potential of harmful or unnecessary emotions more deftly when they arise. And with practice, perhaps learn to avoid tilt altogether.  

Take A Break

Taking a break, getting some fresh air, a drink, or whatever you need to relax and clear your thoughts, is a simple and effective way to get back on track. “Thoughts”, negative ones especially, are, after all, usually at the root of tilt. Also don’t just take one break, do it regularly to keep yourself focused and alert. Try to set limits to the frequency of your games and bets.

Don’t Play In A Bad Mood

If you are feeling down, rather try and avoid gambling altogether. Having a head full of distracting and worrisome thoughts isn’t going to help anything anyway.

Know The Game Well

Knowing the game of poker, its strategies and methods, such as bluffing and when to call or bet, can give you a sense of confidence and ease that can dramatically reduce the chance of tilt. I can also give you greater focus on winning, making you less easy to distract.

Avoid Engaging In Unnecessary Chatter

In-game chatter is usually a prime example of how many poker players purposefully and strategically try and induce tilt in their opponents. Therefore, it’s important to recognise this trap and fall into it.

A Safe Bankroll Brings Peace Of Mind

Learning how to manage your bankroll and secure yourself from devastating loss over the extent of your poker sessions, is another way to bring a sense of confidence and peace of mind, and another way to potentially avoid tilt when playing at Big Dollar online casino or anywhere else. Set a strict budget and loss limit, pace your betting, and never gamble with borrowed money.