Escape Hour is not just another escape room service provider. We are passionate about helping you to create the best memories possible through our experiences! Our experience in this industry, coupled with our international network of fulfillment, customer support team, artists, and even top-rated business advisors, have provided us with valuable insight into what goes into designing an unforgettable escape room for your location. Here are some reasons why you should choose escape rooms in Calgary.

We Provide the Best Room Escape Experience

We put great efforts into providing the best escape game service in Calgary. Our quest game is one of its kind. It is not only full of adventure but also equipped with the latest technology and concept. The moment you finish the game at our top-rated escape room, you will be as if you are a real thief stealing precious treasure from the best thieves in town.

We Offer the Best Room Design

We are known for our latest technology in escape games. Our designers always love to experiment with new things in the game, including high-end gadgets, innovative puzzles, and mind-boggling quests. You will be amazed when you come out of your room after finishing the game with us.

We Have a Great Mission Story

Generally, most escape rooms fail to achieve their mission due to an uninspiring storyline, even though they may have all the other ingredients required for creating a perfect game. But at EscapeHour, we ensure that every game has its unique subject matter so that everyone can identify themselves easily while playing it. Our mission is inspired by real-life incidents, making the title very catchy too!

We Provide the Best Value for Money

We offer special prices to our regular customers, and in this way, we can help you save a lot of your money with us. Also, we always ensure that the price is never a factor that limits anyone from playing escape games. It’s an opportunity to have great fun at an affordable cost!

We Give the Highest Priority to Customer Satisfaction

At Escape Hour, we understand how important it is for you to customer support after the sale. We treat all our customers as partners who are directly or indirectly helping us generate revenue through their valuable feedback and referrals. As a result, you will face no problem when providing any assistance related to the booking.

If you are looking for a great escape room, we offer the best services at Escape Hour. Reach us at +1 403-975-8999 or visit our website for more info.