Denver Nuggets, er, Thuggets Earn Their Name

Oh. my. goodness.  I have been saying for years that the Denver Nuggets were just a huge group of classless thugs.  For those of you who were on the fence regarding this issue, I rest my case after tonight.  If the gigantic brawl that took place in Madison Square Garden wasn’t proof enough, I don’t […]

Timberwolves Got Run Over by the Reindeers

In other news, the Timberwolves choked away another game in their disgraceful loss to the Bucks.  It was bad enough they blew a fat lead, missed key free throws down the stretch, and that trailing by one with seconds to go, Mike James inexplicably decided to lightly touch a Bucks player who was wide open on a fast break, […]

Updated NBA Power Rankings: 12.11.06

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking. I really wanted to do a Power Rankings every two weeks or so, but I’ve been busier than I would like lately. However, I promise I’ll update them at least once a month minimum. That’s not too much to ask, is it?  The number in parenthesis’s () is […]

Allen Iverson may not be “The Answer” for the Timberwolves

Just when the Timberwolves start to gel and look like a team with some promise, along comes the possibility of acquiring Allen Iverson.  Although many fans are excited about the possibility of acquiring a perrenial all-star to pair with Kevin Garnett, I can’t help but wonder if any good can come of these new trade […]

To AI or Not to AI, That is the Question…

Imagine my surprise coming back from a week of vacationing in Mexico to getting lambasted with all these AI trade rumors and speculation.  How exciting! Thid was first news I saw at the Airport in the dirty, dirty A.T.L. while we were waiting for our connecting flight back to Minneapolis.  In Mexico we had ESPN […] Highlighted by

When I started, I intended it to be an extension of my Timberwolves coverage on DeROK.Net.  I didn’t want or have the time to write a full-blown article every day, so using the blog format for quick thoughts and daily links and keeping DeROK.Net as the source for my major articles seemed like the perfect […]

Trading Kevin Garnett for 25 Cents on the Dollar

While surfing the net, I stumbled upon an article on by Chris Mannix touting several trades that the Timberwolves could make to “Free KG”.  It was easily the second-worst sports reporting I’ve seen in months.  (The honor of “worst” goes, without question, to Scoop Jackson’s blatant plagiarizing of YAYsports’ “Orange Roundie”.) [image] Kevin Garnett […]

Mike James: “We Really Are A Good Team”

Note:  This article appears on The Minnesota Timberwolves Den at DeROK.Net (And it was written before the Wolves beat the Rockets.  Yup, positivity goes a long way…) After the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the 76ers to pull their lackluster record to 7-9, the Wolves broadcast team conducted an interview with point guard Mike James.  It was your […]

My Worst Nightmare – Kevin Garnett to the Lakers

First off, I’d like to mention that I don’t cook up these trade scenarios because I feel bad for Kevin Garnett.  I honestly think no title would ever mean as much to his legacy as playing his entire career in Minnesota.  I also don’t look at these things because I want to see him gone.  It […]

Marko Jaric Loses Shirt, Timberwolves Lose Game

Before I talk about tonight’s dismal performance by the Timberwolves, I’d like to say thank you to Marko “The Gigolo” Jaric for making me laugh.  On a night where the Wolves embarrassed themselves with a 14-point loss (It was even more mismatched than the score suggests) to the Denver Thuggets, Jaric was the lone player who gave […]

If the Timberwolves Played in the WNBA…

A comparison of Timberwolves players to various “Types” of chicks. This is not meant to offend, just to be funny! Kevin Garnett is the incredibly hot chick with the loser boyfriend. She is all around hot. Nice body, nice personality, but has some ugly, loser boyfriend that keeps holding her back. Randy Foye is the […]

The Kevin Garnett Trade Revisited

The general consensus about the Kevin Garnett trade I proposed yesterday was that the Bulls were giving up way too much and that they wouldn’t part ways with Kirk Hinrich.  In my near tunnel vision for the T-Wolves, I hadnt’ realized that Hinrich had become such a valuable commodity.  So here’s the trade, changed up […]

Kevin Garnett: There Goes My Hero

Too alarming now to talk about, Take your pictures down and shake it out, Truth or consequence, say it aloud, Use that evidence, race it around    There goes my hero, Watch him as he goes, There goes my hero, He’s ordinary. – My Hero, by Foo Fighters [image]   There you have it: The […]

Giving Thanks for the Timberwolves

What I’m thankful for as a Timberwolves fan: 1. Two Words:  Craig. Smith. 2. Randy Foye 3. Great fellow fans – CW and Dice:  You’re amazing! 4. A dance team full of amazing people 5. That Western Conference Finals run in ‘04 6. Being given a trip to the first playoff game of that ‘04 run […] Message Board Now Open!

After a lot of hard work, the Forum is up and running! I hope you like what you see, but if you have any suggestions, let me know. Also, there’s chance that there still may be a bug or two that needs to be ironed out, so if you see any errors, let me […]