Central Division Blog Previews

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Southwest Division Blog Preview

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Preseason at the Target Center: What You (Might) Need to Know

The Wolves are playing two preseason games at the Target Center this year: Friday against Toronto, and next Wednesday versus Chicago.  They’ll also play four road games, plus host a game in Sioux Falls – but if you’re a Twin Cities-area Wolves fan, this week is your only chance to check out the team before […]

Atlantic Division Blog Previews

The NBA season is upon us! Here is yet another series of blog previews from around the web, previewing each team by division. Expect the entire series by the end of the month. The Wolves links should arrive around the 17th. Enjoy! Here’s the full list of Atlantic Division Previews: Boston Celtics CelticsBlog | LOY’s […]

A Trip to Mankato: Wolves Currently Undefeated

Yesterday afternoon, a few friends and I made a trip down to Mankato for the Wolves’ pre-season opener against Milwaukee. First of all, it was a nice, picturesque drive. Those of us who trek up north during the summer and fall should appreciate the night and day difference between driving north vs. south in our state. I had intended to make this into the […]

Podcast: Training Camp Audio

I had the opportunity to head out to Mankato on Thursday morning to check out day 3 of the Timberwolves training camp. Check out some audio from Wolves PG Jonny Flynn and Head Coach Kurt Rambis: {audio}{/audio}

State of the Wolves, Kahn Edition: A Look Back

In my last post (which was far too long ago, I admit), I reflected on several topics of discussion during what has been a very active, exciting, and telling offseason for the pups. Topics ranged from the Big Al/Love affair, potential trades, our financials, and Rubio (how soon we forget). In what will hopefully be a two […]

Possible Opening Day Practice Schedule

Timberwolves training camp opens in Mankato today, with the first preseason games less than two weeks away.  It all seems to be happening so suddenly, and there’s no doubt that today will be a whirlwind for everyone involved with the team. David Kahn, of course, thinks of everything, which is why I’m sure he’s scripted […]

The Bloggosphere’s Take On The Wizards

Check out the fantastic new Washington Wizards blog, Agent Dagger.  Anyways, he asked fellow NBA bloggers what they thought about the Wizard’s prospects for this upcoming NBA season, and I partook in his offer.  You can check out his full post and all the input HERE. As I said, I participated.  Here was my input: […]

Podcast! on Ramon Sessions

I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Frank Madden over at regarding the Wolves newest acquisition, Ramon Sessions: {audio}{/audio} Make sure you head over to for everything Milwaukee Bucks this season.

Possible Upcoming Wolves Headlines

I don’t know about you, but at this point, I’d believe just about any headline that appeared in one of SG’s daily updates.  After all, we’ve already suffered through “Wolves Re-Acquire Mark Blount”; I nearly had a coronary when I read that one.  How much worse can it get? With that in mind, I thought […]

Timberwolves Re-acquire Mark Blount

The Wolves have re-acquired Mark Blount. There are no words. Well, come to think of it, there’s one word: (As SG notes below, everyone thinks he’ll never play for the Wolves.  Still, though, doesn’t the mere idea make your blood run cold?)  

State of the Wolves: Offseason Edition, Volume 1

Incoherent Rambling. Let that be the theme for this post. Incoherent rambling loosely structured in bullet proof form, in a slight effort to sum up several topics surrounding the Wolves these days. In summary, we are in a complete transitional period. We have yet to find a coach, or complete our roster changes, so lets all collectively […]

Podcast: Canis Hoopus Live from Summer League!

Wyn from Canis Hoopus has been taking in some summer league action in sunny Las Vegas this weekend. He was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy evening to chat with me and answer some Wolves-related summer league questions. {audio}{/audio} Be sure you head over to the always enjoyable Canis Hoopus […]

Play-by-Play of Wolves vs. Wizards

For those of us that were not able to catch tonight’s Wolves-Wizards summer league game, valued forum member “YoLeo” did a great recap/play-by-play post in our forum.  Feel free to check out the forums for insightful Wolves chatter, and here’s hist post of tonight’s game:   Wolves 89  –  Wizards 82 From forum member YoLeo: […]