Tonight, We Shine

Tonight was the most spectacular sports performance I have witnessed in person. A perfect game. The first 30 and 30 in 28 years. Beasley adding 35 points as icing on the cake. A rally from a 20 point deficit in the 2nd half. Beating the NBA franchise I hate the most. Love stuffing Amare’ and […]


Wolves take down the Kings 98 – 89 in Sacramento Be-Easy drops a career high 42 points!  Wolves win our first road game in 260 days!  Doubled our win total on the season!  Enjoy it while it lasts… …as the NY Knicks come to theTarget Center this Friday night.  It should be a good one.  […]

T-Wolves vs. Lakers: We Looked Like A Real Team!

Wolves fall in LA 94 – 99 Whoa.  We actually looked like a real flesh and blood NBA team tonight.  How refreshing!  Granted, I think part of it was the usual fare for a Lakers vs. TWolves tilt; namely that the Lakers are mostly dis-interested and lackadaisical for most of the game, only to turn […]

A Brief Friday Darko Perspective

Valued forum member Wolfenstein came out with a thoughtful post this morning that included his observations of Darko compared to another tremendously overrated, white prospect. These types of posts are always interesting to read and think about as we dive deeper into the absurdities of NBA and Timberwolves fandom this season. Take it away Wolfenstein:Just […]


Nothing magical came home from the Wolves’ apparent mid-Fall vacation. An all-too-expected and deserved bully act from arguably the top 2 NBA teams have placed the Wolves right where we should have expected them to be, but never hoped for all along: the bottom of the barrel. A bone-crushing, embarrassing franchise worst 42-point shit-storm of […]


T-Wolves lose to Orlando Magic 128 – 86 Two consecutive games in Florida.  Two losses by a combined 74 points. We are a disgrace. At least last year it took over half a season before I no longer wanted to watch Wolves games. The end.


  Just seems like one of those sports Misery Mondays in Minnesota, with the sudden realization that the Timberwolves are now the hot ticket in town, just out-edging Brett Favre’s genitals and rejected AARP applications. The Vikings have waived Randy Moss 3 weeks after his acquisition. Might as well! Hey, at least we get to […]

Wolves Win! Bucks Stink! We Can Still Go 81-1

    Wolves Beat the Milwaukee Bucks 96-85 Check out the TWB Forums Game Thread for tons and tons of advanced analysis and awesomery. Win win!!!!!  Overall the game was pretty crap and extremely sloppy.  And waaaaaay too many fouls called (56!)  But we won!  Hot diggity damn!  No fear Wolves fans, we can still […]

The 2010-11 NBA Season Kicks Off!

    Can you guys believe it?  The 2010-11 NBA season is already here.  Seems like just yesterday that the TWolves only won 15 games Lakers took out the Celtics in an epic Finals rematch.  What will this season bring?  Predictions anyone? Speaking of predictions, I took part in a fun little collaboration picking awards and […]

Wolves Waive Thomas and Hart

Well we waived the talented duo of John Thomas and Jason Hart today, ending our collective, irrational fantasies of a late career resurgence for the former Gopher and ‘Cuse grads. I was a little surprised Ager didn’t go first, but then was reminded of an interesting rule that makes training camp contracts fully guaranteed for the season if […]

TWolves Season Preview –

Basketball Reference asked me to help contribute to the 2010-11 NBA Blogosphere Preview for the Minnesota Timberwolves, of which I was more than glad to oblige.  I tried to keep my entry to the 200 word guideline, but as you can see below I slightly exceeded that.  Still, check out the BR Team Preview for some TWolves […]

The Technical Foul Hypocrisy

The new technical foul rules have been the hot point of discussion this past week. Ironically, it has become a far larger discussion point than player whining and poor behavior in the first place. Even as I type this with a DVR replay of the Bucks/Wizards pre-season game on, the commentators are discussing the new […]

Release the Kraken!

Very little to say here other than “Release the Kraken!” is the perfect thing for Wolves game attendee(s) to scream prior to Pekovic entering the game. Think of it. Here is motivation: Also, and again I sincerely apologize for the epic waste of your time that is this obvious Wednesday filler “article,” but the following […]