2011-2012 Minnesota Timberwolves Mega Preview

Santa Kahn. Kahnukkah. Kahnza. Las Kahnadas. Saint Kahn’s Day.  The Holidays are here in full force. Kahn is back and is oddly quiet as can be. Rubio is in town being escorted around in his mother’s Tahoe. Kevin Love is looking like a bonafide, athletic NBA player. Beasley lowered his ears. Barea is running around […]

Hickory-High’s NBA Wish Lists

Check out the excellent site Hickory-High for a team-by-team breakdown of Holiday wishes here. A great read with contributions from several notable NBA bloggers and writers.  The TWB submission: For Christmas this year, I would love nothing more than Santa Kahn to deliver a freshly-wrapped, certified, high-quality NBA starter to the Wolves via trade.  The Wolves’ […]

Why This Team is Special

 I brainstormed several different titles for this post. All of the following probably would’ve sufficed: “Get Ready for One Heck of a Season”“Ricky Rubio Made Me Cry. Four Separate Times.”“Watch as I Overreact to a Preseason Blowout” But instead, I went with “Why This Team is Special” — because the culture of losing we’ve become […]

Hats off to David Stern

I know that what I’m about to say is going to be met with tons of criticism, but I applaud David Stern for blocking the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers.  I fully understand the disdain that Lakers, Hornets, and Rockets fans may be feeling, and I also understand the public outcry that is going […]

If Gambling Were Legal…

The lockout’s over? No nuclear winter? …RICKY RUBIO??? Thank you, Tebow! Now let’s talk about gambling… in a hypothetical, if-only-gambling-were-legal sort of way. Bodog has posted its preliminary betting lines for regular season records and NBA Championship likelihoods for the 2011-12 season. As usual, there are some obvious sucker bets and some real bargains. You […]

Deal! (and How it Impacts the Wolves)

    In what seemed to an insurmountable mountain to climb, the NBA and players emerged from a silent office building at around 2:30-3:00 A.M. the morning following Black Friday and announced the best deal of the day: a new collective bargaining agreement that will save a 66-game regular season starting on Christmas day. The […]

Brief Roundtable: Accept or Not Accept?

Brief one on some thoughts as to whether the players should decertify or take the deal. Sorry this sort of got up late! Pants: The players gave every inch they should have given, 82 games was there for the owners to take 2 weeks ago. Decertify and make the owners live through taking the red […]

NBA Lockout Discussion Forum

Unfortunately for anyone that still cares about the NBA, it doesn’t look like the Lockout will be ending anytime soon.  In fact, it’s quite possible that we’ll miss the entire season.  Things have deteriorated so badly that it’s looking more and more likely that the collective idiocy of the Owners and Players will squander the […]

Players: Take the High Road

    Via: Designed by (This graphic was NOT a creation of TWB, see above link) Those interested parties can take a quick trip through the path that has been this lockout, which since this image was last updated, has continued to spiral out of control.  Overall, it is difficult to assess or form a basis […]

Beasley is Doing Ballet/Mini-Lockout Rant

  Michael Beasley has a new hobby: ballet. At least Mike is being active and staying healthy for when the season starts in 2045 after the two sides lose billions while arguing over $80 million. Makes sense. Bravo, idiots. But first, some brief lockout thoughts that are doomed to end in longer-than-expected, incoherent rambling: It […]

EXCLUSIVE TWB Footage of Future Lockout Negotiations

Through a “source,” TWB was able to uncover some exclusive footage of David Stern and Derek Fisher in a FUTURE lockout negotiation…or, at least, a symbol of what the final resolution will be.   Fold, Derek, fold while you still can. Save your guys the cash and move on.  Oh, and here is the NBA […]

Lockout Week 15 Roundtable

Over the past few days, some TWB contributors have banded together like the NBPA to answer some burning questions that we…developed ourselves. Here are our mixed-in-tone-results. And remember…. “#StandUnited, and if in a bind always be sure to screw over your brethren by fighting a futile battle. I couldn’t care less a wrecking ball is […]

Scaling Down the BRI

There have been a myriad of reports from some high-quality, dedicated reporters graciously staking out the lockout meetings with hopes of getting a soundbite. Among the hot topics over the weekend (which I touched on before it hit the masses here) was how ludicrous it is for the owners and players to risk losing games over […]