Solving the NBA Lockout, Duh.

I’m no genius, but it seems simple enough to me.  Give the Players 51% of ALL Total Revenues.  Then after that, figure out the new contract lengths, max salary amounts, Luxury Tax, revenue sharing amongst teams, etc etc etc. With 51% of all revenues, the Players feel like they “won” the negotiations, and can tell […]

Owners, Union: Make Your Move

It is fascinating how quickly this lockout has turned into a loose form of reality television. The allure of instant gratification, by-the-second news, spectacularly ridiculous hyperbole, over analysis and individual thought have turned this negotiation into a glorified horse and pony circus. The way information is collected now allows the curious to all but follow […]

The (Real) Agent Letter to the Player’s Union

News broke tonight that yet another agent-written letter was sent to the players imploring them to not concede on the owner’s demands. This is of course, frustrating news for many. The last thing this negotiation needs is a third party throwing a wrench in things like the random Singapore sub plot in Pirates of the […]

The Bizarre Politics of the NBA Lockout

Let’s be honest – this summer has been pretty depressing.  Months have gone by without a resolution between the NBA owners and players, and the prospect of losing games seems to be growing more likely by the day.  If you’re interested in the specifics of the NBA Lockout struggle, I recommend this article written by […]

Rick Adelman’s Real Press Conference

65 year old Rick Adelman was introduced today, as the 11th coach in the 22 year history of the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. With his big money, four year $20 million contract, he should easily eclipse the two year average per Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach (epic fail.)  At least we (presumably) have a coach who knows […]

Report: Adelman Deal Close

Click here Sources close to the situation told HOOPSWORLD that Adelman is expected to reach a contract agreement with the Timberwolves next week.   Fingers crossed people! Would be a fantastic day for the organization!! But, as always, let’s not get our hopes up.  As it sounds from Jerry Z, Don Nelson would be the […]

Ronzone Out as Assistant GM

From Jerry Z Timberwolves assistant general manager Tony Ronzone has left the organization. Known for his international-scouting connections, he was hired in spring 2010 just about the time Fred Hoiberg was headed for Iowa State’s head-coaching job and had a voice in personnel moves that included drafting Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams as well as trading […]

The Stupid NBA Lockout Needs To End Now

  EXHIBIT 1:   EXHIBIT 2: Michael Beasley May Have Broken His Wrist Luckily for us, he may just end up being OK. But seriously, could anything else go wrong for him this off-season?  Wait… don’t answer that. But really David $tern, what are you doing you greedy tyrant?  The NBA is (was?) at the […]

FatGuyInRubioShirt Caption Contest!

      Hahahahaha there is just an infinite wealth of captioning possibilities here!  Have at it in the comments, everyone! P.S. For all your T-Wolves/NBA/Lockout discussion needs, make sure to check out the TWB Forums, which are alive and kicking.

One Last Call for Adelman

  Zgoda reports Great news! Report indicates Taylor will be in the interview as well. This basically all but implies he is willing to front the money needed to hire this superb coaching candidate. This seems to explain the holdup, as Kahn is doing what it takes to convince Mr. Adelman to come to town. […]

‘Sam Mitchell the Frontrunner’

(Actual evidence of Mitchell showing good rapport with players, even of Spanish heritage) Per the always humorous Jim Souhan, Sam Mitchell has emerged as the front runner for the Wolves head caoching position. I’m hearing that Sam Mitchell has emerged as the frontrunner for the Timberwolves’ head coaching position. To me, this is a sign […]

TWB Summer Roundtable Volume 2: The Next Coach

As part of our summer Roundtable series, College Wolf and myself took the liberty of answering four questions that…..we developed ourselves.  You can check out Part 1 about the NBA Lockout HERE. 1.Why do you think Kahn waited so long to fire Rambis? Was the backlash he received deserved?   College Wolf: I think that might remain one […]

Nelly to Minnesota: It’s Getting Hot in Hurrrr…?

This just in:  Nelly wants to join the Wolves? No, not that Nelly.  THIS Nelly: Please click “Read More” to see what this all means… Yes, that’s right… THE Don Nelson, the chubby belly scratching one, the one who’s really good at coaching up-tempo basketball, THAT Nelly wants to come to Minnesota… But wait; WHAT […]

TWB Staff Offseason Roundtable

As the lockout continues, we decided to get the TWolves Blog staff together to answer five key questions on everyone’s mind this offseason. Please click “Read More” below, for the TWolves’s Staff answers to such things as, “Will the NBA lose part/all of the 2011-12 season due to the lockout”, “Who’s at fault”, “How […]

The NBA Lockout Isn’t All Bad, Right?

There are plenty of ways for us to deal with the NBA Lockout. Sure, we could bemoan the possible loss of next season. We could yearn for Rubio highlights and Kevin Love double doubles. We could try something different and watch baseball or hockey. (Gross.) Or… we can embrace the lockout. Seriously. Think of the […]