12/29/12 Suns @ Wolves

Sorry for the lack of front page updates over the holidays. Thank you to regulars to our forums for keeping things interesting over the past week or so.  Tonight brings the return of Wes Johnson, Michael Beasley and Seb Telfair. The goal ought to be to simply prevent Dudley, Gortat or Scola from having a […]

12/18/12 Wolves @ Heat

The Wolves are in Miami, hours after suffering a horrendous, inexcusable loss against the Magic. Tonight we face the Heat. On NBATV. Without Rubio. The odds aren't in our favor. Might as well pull a Popovich and just start Lou Amundson and a hurt Lee. But, after the atrocious second half last night I think […]

12/17/12 Wolves @ Magic

The Christmas Magic has returned! This is the Wolves' last chance for an easy victory before the schedule becomes nothing short of ridiculous. Rumor on the street is that Ricky will play tonight and sit out tomorrow vs. Miami. Good call? Bad call? Weird call? I'm not sure why they don't just stick to a […]

12/15/12 – Mavericks @ Wolves: Rubio’s Debut

On March 9th, 2012, in the final minutes of a game against the Lakers, the current villains/laughing stock of the NBA, Ricky Rubio went down in heroic fashion attempting to draw a charge against Kobe Bryant, the goal per usual being to will his team to yet another surprising victory. As you all know, what happened […]

Rubio Eve: Wolves @ Pelicans

The Wolves are in New Orleans on what is rumored to be the night before Ricky Rubio's season debut. A few short updates are below. Comment on the game here as you see fit, or in the forums if you so desire. 1. Shved Starting. Per the team, Alexey Shved will get the start tonight […]

Comments on Love and Denver Game Thread

  Tonight after what seemed like six years off, the Wolves take it to Target Center in Ricky Rubio's would-have-been season debut. The Nuggets, long thought to be Western Conference contenders, are quietly right on par with the Wolves at an underwhelming 11-11 despite the team being generally injury-free for most of the season. This […]

A ‘Target Center’ review… and the return of Ricky?!?

If you haven’t seen it before, the website publishes reviews of sports stadiums from all over the world.  To date, they have posted reviews of over 1,200 different stadiums. It’s actually pretty cool if you ever go check out the site.  And SJ also recently posted a new review of the “experience” at Target […]

Kahn making another play for Pau

  According to ESPN and a number of sources Kahn offered the Lakers a package built around Derrick Williams and Pekovic for Pau. Since he joined the Lakers you could make a case that the Lakers go as Pau goes, and since last years playoffs it's been very mediocre fare for both. Why would the […]

Kevin Love’s 5th Annual “Coat Drive”

Check out this great #EPICWINNING video from Kevin Love that he created with the help of some teammates, to launch his fifth annual “Minnesota Coat Drive”: His coat drive video “The Session” is just full of comedy gold. Look at Nicola the “Peksecutioner” breathing through his “neck gills” at the 0:47 mark. Lolz!  And of […]

11/28/12 – Wolves @ Clippers

  Two straight back to back's on the road will create a fatigued team, and the Wolves are leaving the best for last heading into LA tonight to battle Vinny Del Negro and the equally struggling Clippers. Talk about the game here as you wish.  Some thoughts: -CP3. Do we put Malcolm Lee on him? How […]

11/27/12 Wolves @ Kings

  Things are in disarray.  How long they will stay that way is the question weighing on everyone's mind.  After Saturday's loss to Golden State multiple Timberwolf players stated that one win is all they needed.  One win to begin a positive streak and one win to steady the ship.  In the NBA it's all […]

11/23/12 Wolves @ Blazers

  Steve McPherson of A Wolf Among Wolves reminded everyone on Twitter this morning that while we reel from the recent loss to the Nuggets, last year fans were celebrating .500 like it was 1999.  That’s the amazing thing about basketball, as quickly as momentums shift in a game so do our expectations and feelings […]

11/21/12 Nuggets @ Wolves

                                                   ????? The last week or so has almost felt like a mini-offseason. The Wolves haven't played a game since last Friday, where we saw the Wolves lose their 2nd game […]

11/16/12 Warriors @ Wolves Preview/Thread

   The 4th Google Image Result for "David Lee Fail" and thus the obvious photo pick. After a gut-crushing Kemba Walker game winner the other night, the Wolves take on the undermanned Warriors tonight at Target Center, the last game in a busy stretch before an extended break through next Wednesday. The Warriors are not […]

Wolves Sign Josh Howard

                                           Your Newest Minnesota Timberwolf Chris Broussard seems to have first reported, but odds are it was a smaller source first and Broussard, per usual, replaced "(insert local reporter's name)" with "sources." The Wolves, after […]