11/14/12 Bobcats @ Wolves Preview/Game Thread

                                                 Photo courtesy of the Timbertrolls   The Wolves return home from a 2-game road trip, going 1-1 and losing two men in battle, to face the not-AS-lowly-as usual Charlotte Bobcats at […]

11/12/2012 – Injury report

Put this team in the witness protection program, it isn't safe for them to be playing basketball.  Love – Dead Rubio – Dead Budinger – Dead (Out a couple months with knee surgery this week,

11/10/12 Wolves @ Bulls

Wow, what a game last night. Let us first bask in the glory of AK47's unbelievable poise and unselfishness, Budinger's brilliant cut, and Gerald Green's great fantastic defense. Tonight the Wolves face a similarily undermanned Chicago Bulls squad in Chi-town. Some brief keys to the game. -Bench Play. Yet again. The Wolves' depth and team […]

11/9/12 – Pacers @ Wolves Preview/Thread

   in 2010, Kahn preferred Wes Johnson over Paul "Mr. First Names" George Ed Note: TCSnyder is a new contributor to He resides in Phoenix with his wife who, while working for ASU, once recieved a phone call from Rob Babcock wanting to know if James Harden had any character issues. As Beard ended […]

11/7/12 Wolves/Magic

If the Timberwolves win tonight it will be the best record through four games since 2000-01 when they went 6-0.  A 3-1 start to this season would not only be historic but a great boost of confidence for this squad after one week of play.  Let's look at some of the X-factors for tonight's match […]

11/5/12 Wolves/Nets

                        The above human is an actual NBA player Sorry, not much time for a preview today. A few quick bullets. –Take Care of the Ball. Last night was an outlier in every sense of the word in terms of turnovers (and the dreadful transition […]

11/5 Making Sense Show Appearance

Tonight I will be making an appearance on Buffalo, NY blog talk show Making Sense with Mike and Tom at 6:30 central to talk Wolves. You can listen to the show here. Be sure to tune in!  

11/4/12 Wolves/Raptors Bullets and Game Thread

Jonas, perhaps on his first day of 8th grade Use the comments here to discuss the game as you wish, or as always, join and chat in the forums in the game thread that you should hopefully be able to find. Also, there is still plenty of time to get involved in the very fun […]

Ten Bullets for Opening Night ’12-’13

Tonight, after what seemed like a 200 bajillion-year wait, the Wolves open the year at home vs. Sacramento (doesn't it feel like we always open against the Kings?). Finally. No Love or Rubio of course, but Roy and AK47 will be ready for active duty and immediate fan judgement. That being said, since everybody LOVES […]

TWolves Blog Staff 2013 NBA Award Predictions

With the start of the new season, the TWB staff decided to pool our heads together and pool together our early predictions for season-ending awards. Here are the results: Most Valuable Player: Bonk:  LeBron James.  Sorry Durantula, but this is LeBron’s to lose.  After his last dozen games in the playoffs last year, all of […]

Go Vote for Ricky’s RareInk Art

So there’s this pretty cool art company called RareInk that just recently announced a partnership with the NBA to produce a collection of cutting-edge, limited-edition artwork featuring NBA players, historical moments and legendary teams. Clearly the Wolves don’t really fall under the latter of that criteria, but they still have some solid stuff for our team […]

Northwest Division Blog Previews

  Check out the NW division preview links here for all of your preview needs. If you missed our preview below, the link is here again…so enjoy. Denver Nuggets: Denver Stiffs Minnesota Timberwolves: Canus Hoopus |  TwolvesBlog Oklahoma City Thunder: Welcome to Loud City Portland Trail Blazers: Utah Jazz: SLC Dunk

Love’s Injury Speaks Volumes

  Here we all are looking at one of the glass half whatever moments.  Depending on what you’ve read, heard and seen on the Internet and beyond this past week, the Timberwolves are either facing utter disaster or a simple setback as a result of Kevin Love’s injury.  But no matter which –ist you claim […]

NBA Previews: Central Division Links

Forget about the Love injury for a minute and check out these links below for previews on central division teams. And a friendly reminder to check out our preview posted earlier this week if you missed it.  Chicago Bulls: Cleveland Cavaliers: Fear The Sword | Waiting For Next Year Detroit Pistons: DetroitBadBoys Indiana Pacers: Indy Cornrows Milwaukee Bucks: Brew Hoop