Love Out 6-8 Weeks

  That is all. Check out the latest TimberTrolls video posted this afternoon and maybe that will cheer you up. Derrick Williams. Your time is now, son. Why is it always the Wolves? Not much more to add at this point. Discuss.

Wolves vs. Maccabi Haifa Recap

  Seeing that the match of topic was a preseason game against something called Maccabi Haifa, there is only so much constructive analysis to pontificate on.  Half of the fun of attending this game was just being back in Target Center, and everything that goes along with it.  Since there were less fans in attendance […]

’12-’13 Minnesota Timberwolves Preview

The annual tradition continues. Each year TWB participates in a league-wide blog preview purge creatively designed to boost blog traffic provide a daily/weekly dose of NBA for all 30 teams. These are the weekly links you have seen the past few weeks posted here. Today is the day we look at Alexey Shved and the Wolves. […]

Wolves Pre-season Game 3 Recap: Marko’s Return!

  I wasn’t able to catch the game Saturday night in which the Wolves improved their pre-season record to 2-1, by defeating the Chicago Bulls 82-75. Just looking at the boxscore quickly, a few things stick out: Holy crap Carlos Loozer sucks. On top of that, he plays below-average defense and is getting paid a […]

Wolves Win Preseason Game #1: Tidbits

Last night the Wolves decimated a depleted Indiana team in the fine town of Fargo, North Dakota, sparking irrational exuberance throughout the midwest. While other teams are travelling to Spain, China, Germany, Fiji and Bora Bora, leave it Stern and company to “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” at the Wolves and send them to sunny….Fargo.  As someone who caught […]

NBA Previews: Atlantic Division Links

The NBA season is near! Be sure to check out the below links which each preview an Atlantic Division team. TWB will post its contribution in mid-October. Atlantic Division Boston Celtics: CelticsBlog | Celtics Green | CLNS Radio Brooklyn Nets: Nets Daily | Baller Mind Frame | Atlantic Twine New York Knicks: Posting and Toasting Philadelphia 76ers: Liberty Ballers Toronto Raptors: Raptors HQ


Editor’s Note: Recently TwolvesBlog invited the TimberTrolls to become members of our writing staff. The TimberTrolls are primary Spanish-speaking so pardon the language barrier! We welcome their pictures, .gifs and videos with open arms and hope you enjoy their posts throughout the season and beyond. Before the season kicks into gear, they will post some […]

TWolvesBlog Welcomes the TimberTrolls!

TwolvesBlog is excited to announce a partnership with the WORLD RENOWNED group of Spanish Timberwolves fans: The Minnesota TimberTrolls! The TimberTrolls are best known for their extremely hilarious pictures, .gifs, and videos featuring Ricky Rubio and the Wolves, and for spearheading international interest in the team we know and love. Content will be posted on […]

TWB Summer Roundtable

After a crazy summer that turned our cute “puppies” into an instant playoff team, we decided to ask our TWB writers what they thought about the offseason. 1.) Is this the most anticipated season in Timberwolves history? Mike Reynolds: I think at least in the last 8-9 years. The Cassel/Sprewell year takes the cake for […]

Will the Wolves Defense Improve in 2012-13?

Nearly everyone is looking at the Wolves to make a climb in rankings this season.  With an offseason that brought Brandon Roy, Alexey Shved, Greg Stiemsma, Chase Budinger, Andrei Kirilenko and Dante Cunnigham, the expectations for this team will be higher than ever.  While nearly every new player signed is a strong improvement from those […]

Wolves Announce 2012-2013 TV Schedule

Per a team release, the Wolves have announced a franchise-record 78 games will be televised locally/nationally this season.. This is great news for fans who, unless you dropped a cool $175 for NBA League Pass, had to miss several big games last season when the Wolves were making a January/February run. Channels are MY29, FSNN, […]

Rounding Out the Roster: A Look at What’s Left in Free Agency

  The Wolves currently have 13 guaranteed contracts on the roster, leaving two roster spots available to round it out with washed-up veterans, novelty players and/or Caucasian prospects. Let’s take a look at the best of what’s left. Needs: 1. Nothing special. An additional big body, preferably a traditional center. But PF’s who can rotate […]

How Howard Trade Affects the Wolves

  Dwight Howard will keep his beaming smile much to the chagrin of teams and fans across the league.  After a year of committing some of the biggest PR blunders in NBA history, Howard has found himself in exactly the position he had hoped for- competing for a championship in a highly lucrative market.   As […]