The Kevin Garnett Files

Alright everybody, the time has come for me to put on my Doc Martin’s, a pair of faded jeans and a super baggy-ass sweater, and pretend that it’s the 90s again. That is to say, I never thought I would be writing a player profile about the legend that is Kevin Garnett in 2015. A […]

The Wiggins Files: Andrew’s Game

When the Twolves received Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Thaddeus Young in the Kevin Love trade, they got quite the deal. While Young is now in Brooklyn, and Bennett may be on his way out of town as well, Wiggins was the real catch there.  Now after his rookie season, he only appears more ready to prove that conclusion […]

The Kevin Martin Files

Number two on the roster review docket, is the incumbent starting shooting guard, Kevin Martin. He is one of the holdovers from a bygone era: The Adelmanian Years. The Adelmanian Age was a time in Twolves past when PFs shot step back threes, wing players imitated NFL wide outs: when the front court featured flat footed rim-protection and […]

The Bacon and Beer Classic Heads To Minneapolis As Next Stop in 2015

There are certain pairings that just go so well together. With few exceptions, most people would agree that bacon and beer qualify as such a pairing. Add in access to professional ballparks and stadiums, and it is no surprise that the Bacon and Beer Classic has become a phenomenon nationwide. The Bacon and Beer Classic […]

The Ricky Rubio Files: Revisitado

To start this off-season’s player profiles, I feel it’s essential to review and amend my attempt at this same project from last October. Most of The Ricky Rubio Files largely remains applicable. That article speaks for itself. Unfortunately, what is no longer applicable, isn’t exactly any more positive than before. This year, I’ll toss in […]

The Danger of Potential

First thing’s first. Rejoice! This is an incredible time in Timberwolves history. For the first time, the Twolves received the #1 pick in the draft. And, for one of the few times in the last decade, they actually used it to take a player that most everyone considers to be not only solid, but rock solid. Take a […]

Bennett Back on the Move

Anthony Bennett’s time in Minnesota could be set to come to an end after just one season, with the former number-one draft set to leave the Timberwolves during the offseason. On the back of a dismal season for both Bennett and Minnesota, the arrival of a new number-one draft selection in the shape of Kentucky sensation Karl-Anthony Towns, […]

Brooklyn May See Influx Of Minnesota Timberwolves Fans During NBA Draft

The Minnesota Timberwolves will be drafting a member of their frontcourt when the NBA Draft begins at the Barclays Center on June 25. The debate is mainly between Kentucky forward Karl-Anthony Towns and Duke center Jahlil Okafor. While Okafor is predicted to have an immediate impact for whichever team drafts him, Towns is the player […]

’14-’15 Review Part 2: Return of Flip a Test of Patience for Wolves Faithful

Yesterday we went through part 1 of our season recap which discussed players individually and future concerns surrounding player health. Today we will go broader and discuss the front-office and coaching-related events of this last season and how it might impact the Wolves moving forward. Please be aware that this piece is not going to […]

Visit From Thunder Propping Up Ticket Prices For April Date at Target Center

The Minnesota Timberwolves have gone through a quirky stretch of overtime games as the regular season is winding down. After an overtime win against the New York Knicks on March 19th, the Timberwolves won in overtime against the Utah Jazz two games later on March 23rd. The following game on March 25th, the Timberwolves lost […]

WWE Night Against Suns is Cheapest Ticket For TWolves This Week

The Minnesota Timberwolves had a brief spark of well-played basketball in the beginning of February, but after playing against some of the better competition in the league and the Kevin Garnett homecoming wearing off, the Timberwolves find themselves struggling again. The Timberwolves won three straight from February 4th to February 8th against the Miami Heat, […]