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Q&A with Project Spurs

With the T-Wolves and Spurs set to tip off this evening in Target Center, Stephen Anderson from Project Spurs sat down with TWolves Blog’s own Timothy Snyder for a Q&A session.


OH YEAH! The “NEW” New Forum

Hey guys, As most of you know, after the big Bloguin migration to the new platform, we tried setting things up with a native forum solution that integrated seamlessly with the platform.  The prior version of the forums had grown old and out of date and just wasn’t a salvageable option long-term.  However, the native […]


What to Make of This “Love Drama?”

Peter Vescey confidently claimed last night Love has demanded out of Minnesota Surrounding the trade deadline, there are always rumors flying around. Every player in the Association has gone through them and if you listen to the players, it can hamper their play. In Minnesota, we have one of the biggest question marks in the […]


January Wolves E-Mail Bantering

The last two weeks have been very difficult for Wolves fans. Tim and Mike vented about it through e-mail, made an all-time Wolves novelty roster, Mike admitted he owns Troy Hudson's rap album, and they generally made themselves more upset talking about the state of the team. These are their stories. Mike: I am not […]

Finding Alexey Shved   Let's take it back to the offseason heading into the 2012-2013 season. David Kahn, the European 'recruiting mastermind', as he'd like to refer to himself as, signed Andrei Kirilenko from CSKA Moscow (a European basketball powerhouse). AK-47 spent the year in Moscow during the NBA lockout and Kahn brought him over the pond […]

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A Look at Win Shares and the Wolves Roster

Very well then. The Wolves are once again one game under .500, suffering yet another loss in a close game situation, making the team now a stunning, 2009-Wolves-esque 0-9 in games decided by four points or less. This is not a playoff team folks, and should the dice roll in such a way to allow […]

Kevin Love Can’t Do It All For Minnesota

Kevin Love is tearing up the Association this season. The dude is playing like he had thousands of haters and people saying he'd never come back to the double-double machine that he once was. We've all heard it, in casual conversations about knuckle push-ups, as Wolves Nation still cringes their teeth. K-Love has done nothing […]

Beginning the Second Act: Pack of Hungry Wolves or Stray Dogs?

  On December 27th in the star tribune Kevin Martin is quoted saying that the season actually starts after Christmas. Kevin Love mentioned how the wolves need to get back to their winning ways. For me, these quotes are tough to hear. What winning ways? A 13-15 record is not awful, but if the season […]


As the Wolves await the tip late this evening with the L.A. Lakers, it's baffling to look at the league standings and see that Toronto holds the eighth seed in the east with a winning percentage under 40%, while these struggling LA Lakers, coming in with a winning percentage of .480 would be slotted in […]

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Motor City Night Class

  So here we go for round two of the report card. Night class was in session today in Detroit.  To recap a game that wasn’t recapped here on, the Wolves stank against Miami. In an unfortunately fitting way, the wolves followed my “Fire & Ice” post, by performing at their iciest ever. Of […]

Fire & Ice: a 2013 Timberwolves Reality

  From the bone chilling cold of a Minneapolis Winter day to the heat of a Mexico City arena fire, the 2013 Timberwolves have experienced extremes with relation to temperature. But not only have they experienced this in a physical sense. Truth is, this years Twolves team is a "fire and ice" team. An exaggeration […]


12/4 Wolves in Mexico

Tonight the Wolves face the Spurs in a "home game" in Mexico City, Mexico. As if the schedule couldn't be any more brutal. The Wolves will have their work cut out for them as well, as the Spurs as surging again despite the fact that everyone on that team is 85 years old. A few […]

Can Minnesota Make A Postseason Run?

Is it time to start asking the NBA fans in Minnesota if the home team Timberwolves can make a run for the championship this year? Can the Timberwolves bring home a NBA championship? (see updated NBA Championship odds here) Not since the Kevin Garnett era have the Timberwolves been this talented and perhaps this hungry. […]

Brooklyn Night Class: The Report Card

As expected, the Timberwolves cruised to victory against Kevin Garnett and the seemingly dismal Brooklyn Nets. This was a refreshing performance in many ways by the Wolves, soundly beating on the Nets early. They got off to a great start on both sides of the floor, taking Brooklyn out of whatever game plan that sorry […]