Fire & Ice: a 2013 Timberwolves Reality

  From the bone chilling cold of a Minneapolis Winter day to the heat of a Mexico City arena fire, the 2013 Timberwolves have experienced extremes with relation to temperature. But not only have they experienced this in a physical sense. Truth is, this years Twolves team is a "fire and ice" team. An exaggeration […]


12/4 Wolves in Mexico

Tonight the Wolves face the Spurs in a "home game" in Mexico City, Mexico. As if the schedule couldn't be any more brutal. The Wolves will have their work cut out for them as well, as the Spurs as surging again despite the fact that everyone on that team is 85 years old. A few […]

Can Minnesota Make A Postseason Run?

Is it time to start asking the NBA fans in Minnesota if the home team Timberwolves can make a run for the championship this year? Can the Timberwolves bring home a NBA championship? (see updated NBA Championship odds here) Not since the Kevin Garnett era have the Timberwolves been this talented and perhaps this hungry. […]

Brooklyn Night Class: The Report Card

As expected, the Timberwolves cruised to victory against Kevin Garnett and the seemingly dismal Brooklyn Nets. This was a refreshing performance in many ways by the Wolves, soundly beating on the Nets early. They got off to a great start on both sides of the floor, taking Brooklyn out of whatever game plan that sorry […]

Clippers and CP3 Show that Rubio Has Long Road Ahead

Tonight was a huge test for this Timberwolves team. A week ago this squad went into Staples Center and almost defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, formally known as Lob City. This wasn't just a big test for this Wolves squad, but also for Minnesota point guard Ricky Rubio as he faced off against Chris Paul for […]

11/19/13 Wolves/Wizards Preview

The Wolves continue their absurd schedule tonight, after finally getting an extra night of rest, with a dreaded 4 games in 5 nights stretch as a reward, and their 3rd and 4th back to backs of the year. To add salt to the wound, each of the "-to backs" are against Western Conference contenders. Stern's […]

Wolves Weekend: Denver and Boston Ahead

It would be easy to say that the Cleveland game was an anomaly, but it really wasn’t. OK, building a 39 point lead against a team that is supposed to contend for a playoff spot, while shooting near perfect from the field, may end up being the highest point differential the Wolves achieve this season, […]

11/11/13 Wolves/Clips

You heard it here first: last night the Wolves trounced the Lakers and earned a blowout victory, Rubio scored a triple double, and a 22-game, 6-ish year streak came to an end. Fantastic game. But a little bit less satisfying than beating the Lakers at "full strength: (read: Kobe in the lineup, surrounded by the […]

Pek shot chart

Rubio, Pek, Bench Struggling to Find Early Rhythm

As many of you are well aware, the Wolves' bench has fallen surprisingly flat to start the year. Like any current Wolves information, it has been covered ad nauseam at just about every Wolves-related touch point on the internet. In each of the past few contests, the starters have been forced to overextend themselves, playing […]

3-0 Feels Good: 11/4/13 Wolves/Cavs.

Game 4 is at 6PM this evening. The first back to back test of the year against a potentially sneaky good Cavaliers team.  A few thoughts: The Bench Must Rise. Last night we saw three starters log 40 minutes: Love, Rubio and Pekovic, with Martin also logging 35. As much as this 3-0 start has […]


Wolves Tip off 2013-2014 Season Tonight!

Doesn't this offseason feel like it has taken an eternity to pass? Last year we at least had Olympic hoops to hold us over for a few weeks in August. This year, we have had to pretend to enjoy baseball for far too long. The Vikings have been an abysmal cesspool of ineptitude, which has […]


’13-’14 Pre-Season (Over)reactions to Date

Rather than post a series of individual overreactions after each pre-season game thus far, I thought it would make sense to take what we have learned in the first few games and write up one larger-scale overreaction. And of course, what better way to add to the theme of generalities and summarizing than through use […]


2013-14 Pre-Training Camp Thoughts

  Well hello there You might remember the name from Vikings Training Camp this past summer. And if you do, you know that there is fun in store for the next few days/weeks. We are just under a week away from Timberwolves training camp and it’s time to take a look at how the Wolves […]


TWolvesBlog 2013 Offseason Roundup

  Over in our forums, the offseason grading has begun. How are we feeling about the flurry of moves that occurred over the last week? I would say the tone in the forums here is generally negative, for various reasons. Most seem to have particular gripes with contract terms and defensive voids. Let’s check in […]